Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.

NOVELTEK is a leading company of manufacturing powered and manual operated material handling equipments in taiwan. NOVELTEK supplies all series of those models and also manufacture products to customers' special requirement specifications. Regarding our shipping space, one 20 feet container can carry 5 units of FBF/TBF models; or 7 units of CRT/CWS/CWR/POPS models; or 10 units of PPS/POTR models; or 12 units of PPT/SPOP/TT models; or 18 units of MOTL models ; or 21 units of SPS models; or 24 units of MPS-10 models; or 144 units of HPT models; or mix all models by percentage.

Tow Truck Manufacturer,liftruck

Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. is committed to providing the customer with high-quality products and services. Tow Truck is one of our main products, featuring its high quality and a wide range of applications. We have a small team in Taiwan that has worked with product development to develop new and innovative Tow Truck. For more details about our Tow Truck, please contact with us immediately.
Our company is a well-known manufacturer of premium grade pallet jack in Taiwan.
We have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price and strong efficiency of scissor lift.

Please feel free to contact us if you are searching for  Tow Truck with unique and stylish design.


Advanced Tow Truck AC 5 tons

Load capacity:5 tons ( 11,000 lb )

  • Electronic Power Steering system (EPS system) very easy to drive
  • Advanced AC motor product (AC drive motor 1.6Kw/24V)
  • Without carbon brush, reduce service cost
  • Save electricity efficiently by 30%
  • FRP body cover and battery cover
  • Lead-free PU baked enamel painting
  • Polyoxymethylene Steering Arm
  • No pollution, quiet, safety, durable and reliable
  • Tow capacity is powerful and could pull 5 tons (11000lb) lorry on normal flat floor
  • It can tow 3 tons lorry over ramp
  • Seat is an optional item


Tow Truck 5 tons

Load capacity: 5 tons ( 11,000 lb )

  • The driver operates in the center of truck.
  • Safety and convenience.
  • Turning radius is very small. The operation is convenient.
  • Tow capacity is powerful and can drag 5 tons(11000 lb.) lorry on normal flat floor.
  • It can tow 3 tons lorry over ramp.
  • Seat is an optional item.
  • Lead-free PU baked enamel painting


Advanced Powered Container Tow Truck 16 tons

Load capacity: 16 tons

  • Max Towing Capacity : 16,000KG (16 tons)
  • The best choice for container scheduling needs
  • Hydraulic trailer pan lift system
  • Standard equipped with air duct air brake function of container Tow Truck
  • Electronic Power Steering system (EPS system),very easy to drive
  • European original imported battery, long lasting
  • Made In Taiwan, Quality Assurance

Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. delivers a broad range of innovative and reliable Tow Truck and controls solutions specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency, and cost savings. Our mission is to be innovative through new designs and to produce the highest quality products at an incredible value. If you are unable to find the product you desire let us know, and we will endeavor to satisfy your requirements within the shortest possible timescale. Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.’s team members are dedicated to this goal, thus ensuring that we are the Tow Truck supplier in all of our markets!