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Semi-Powered Stacker
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Manually Propelled, Powered Lifting Pallet Stacker


Manually Propelled, Powered Lifting Pallet Stacker 1 - 1.5 tons


Load capacity: 1 ton, 1.2 tons, 1.5 tons

  • SPS-10, an electric powered hydraulic lifting, manually-propelled and load capacity 1000kg(2200lb); fork length 900mm(35.43”), adjustable width, lifting height 2500mm(98.4”) or 3000mm(118”) or 3500mm(137.8”), and wide straddle version available too.
  • In addition, SPS-10W wide straddle version type is used for closed pallets. It has fork wheel 80mm(3.15") or 180mm(7.09") diameters for your choice and the straddle inner width will be 1240mm,1140mm, etc.
  • Charger of 110V/12V-12A (build-in) is optional.
  • Distance of straddle outer width has option 530mm for european pallets.
  • Load capacity 1200kg (SPS-12 and 1500kg(SPS-15) are optional.