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NOVELTEK is a leading company of manufacturing powered and manual operated material handling equipments in taiwan. NOVELTEK supplies all series of those models and also manufacture products to customers' special requirement specifications. Regarding our shipping space, one 20 feet container can carry 5 units of FBF/TBF models; or 7 units of CRT/CWS/CWR/POPS models; or 10 units of PPS/POTR models; or 12 units of PPT/SPOP/TT models; or 18 units of MOTL models ; or 21 units of SPS models; or 24 units of MPS-10 models; or 144 units of HPT models; or mix all models by percentage.

Innovative AC System Pallet Truck|NOVELTEK Industrial

We ensure that our Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 - 3 tons goes through different quality tests to maintain the desired quality standards for our offerings. Alongside innovation, we maintain a great variety of essentials too, tried and tested by our loyal customers. Let Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. build the highest performance Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 - 3 tons for your applications. We can promise that whatever your Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 - 3 tons problem is, we will find a way to solve it to your satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding any of the services we offer, please don't hesitate to inform us. We look forward to being of service to you.
Advanced Powered Pallet Truck ( AC System), AC System Pallet Truck

APT-20/25/30 AC

Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 - 3 tons

Load capacity:2 tons, 2.5 tons, 3 tons

  • Advance AC motor truck.
  • Brushless , reduce service cost
  • With flux AC inverter
  • 30% Battery efficiency improvement.
  • Hidden caster wheels, improve safety
  • Suitable for both open and closed pallets
  • Suspension drive motor allowing to use the truck on uneven surfaces.
  • Quiet, and safe operation.
  • Environmentally, friendly, durable, reliable truck.
  • Electric drive, electric lifting.
  • This truck has cold version for -35°C cold storage use.
  • Lead-free PU baked enamel painting.

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Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc., is one of the most reputable Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 - 3 tons manufacturer in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region. We use high grade quality raw materials for processing our Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 - 3 tons. We also customize these products in various dimensions as per the client's specified requirement and detail. Providing the end user with supply quality Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 - 3 tons. We have always been committed to reaching new heights in innovation, leadership and customer satisfaction. When you submit a request from this page, our best expert will respond to your question in a timely manner.