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NOVELTEK is a leading company of manufacturing powered and manual operated material handling equipments in taiwan. NOVELTEK supplies all series of those models and also manufacture products to customers' special requirement specifications. Regarding our shipping space, one 20 feet container can carry 5 units of FBF/TBF models; or 7 units of CRT/CWS/CWR/POPS models; or 10 units of PPS/POTR models; or 12 units of PPT/SPOP/TT models; or 18 units of MOTL models ; or 21 units of SPS models; or 24 units of MPS-10 models; or 144 units of HPT models; or mix all models by percentage.

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Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient Warehouse Cage Load Capacity 1200 kg to benefit the machinery & industrial supplies consumers. As a leading supplier of Warehouse Cage Load Capacity 1200 kg, we provide professional A-5, Warehouse Cage Load Capacity 1200 kg, Warehouse cage. Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc.'s team is second to none. Our knowledge, energy, and passion ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your customers. Contact the Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. Support Team directly, in case you have questions about Warehouse Cage Load Capacity 1200 kg. They will provide specific advice in choosing the system that meets the technical specifications and approvals to give the most cost-effective solution for you.
Storage Transport cage


Warehouse Cage Load Capacity 1200 kg

Size: L 1000 × W 800 × H 840 mm

Load capacity:1200 kg

Warehouse cage, also known as:butterfly cage, storage cage, metal working material box. Understanding stackable 4-storey; trucking, stackable two-storey do not use can be folded a few months Diego high piled up less space.

Use of space for warehouse management, goods separate classification of a small amount of storage, easy to inventory, to avoid turning the warehouse trouble.


  • Can be used in stores to display merchandise.
  • Can adopt multi-layer high amount of heap to use, resulting in the effect of three-dimensional storage.
  • In line with all kinds of transport equipment (forklifts, hydraulic pallet truck), reduce losses and labor costs.
  • When not in use, the accumulation of folding managing collections, can be folded when not in use to pile up, only 20% of its original volume.

A-5 Size:
L1000 × W800 × H840 mm (For 4 feet)
L1000 × W800 × H933 mm (For 4 wheels)

Load: 1200 KG
Diameter: of Ø 6.0 mm,
Network distance: 50 × 50 mm

■ Bottom of the installation~ Can choose

【4 feet】,【4 wheels no feet】or【4 feet + 4 wheels】

Wheel Size: 6 inch hard rubber wheels.

The manufacturing process of the finished product.
Computer design

Factory inventories and storage areas

Imports of steel beam slitter

European import straight cutting machine

Automatic welding machine, it can provide high-quality welding

The use of robotic welding high-tensile steel

Specification :

■ Standard storage cage series Size:
Model Dimensions(m/m) Diameter
Feet high
Feet within 
the width
Length Width Height Long on the inside With wide
A3 800 600 640 6 50×50 100 31 660 370 800
A5 1000 800 840 6 50×50 100 49 860 570 1200
A7 1200 1000 900 6 50×50 100 66 1060 770 1500

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