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Advanced Pallet Truck + EPS
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Electric Pallet Truck Manufacturer


Advanced Powered Pallet Truck AC 2 tons


Load capacity: 2 tons

Electric Power Steering + Digital Scale

  • LED MDI-CAN multifunctional indicator has many internal functions: power display; operating hours; with CAN-BUS system, low battery protection alarm and shows all trouble coding for easy service use.
  • EPS Steering Arm (Electronic Power Steering ) can work at 185 degree total arc for extra convenience.
  • Speed lowering automatically by 50% while steering.
  • AC inverter circuit control system brings stability, power saving, calmness and cleanliness.
  • Speed setting adjustable by programmer.
  • Lead-free PU baked enamel painting is composed of a detailed surface treatment, antirust primer.
  • Powerful long duration traction battery.
  • Customization for clients' requirements.